Online forums provide a means for those with an interest in responsible tourism to get together and debate the issues involved and to improve their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

This great article by communications consultant Jeremy Smith lists some places to discuss responsible tourism issues relevant to Ireland or to learn from issues elsewhere or just to connect with like-minded people in the industry.

Do you think another site should be included here? If so please send detail to james@rethinktourism.ie

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  • artyforum

    Established by Harold Goodwin from the ICRT, This forum enables businesses, national and local governments, destinations, NGOs and individuals to share information and identify and debate best practices - its purpose is to advance Responsible Tourism.

  • iknowagreatplace

    W: IKnowAGreatPlace.com

    the online travel community site of ResponsibleTravel.com

  • Lonely Planet thorntree forum

    W: www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/forum.jspa?forumID=42

    Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Forum's Responsible Travel thread

  • the dive hub

    W: www.thedivehub.com

    The Dive Hub aims to be a trusted online destination for responsible diving news, thought-provoking content, case studies, tips and resources- a one stop shop for divers interested in responsible diving.

  • responsible skiing

    W: www.responsibleskiing.com

    This comprehensive website provides information, resources, a blog and forum - all discussing responsible skiing.

  • The Travel Foundation

    This forum is operated by The Travel Foundation (UK)

  • irresponsible tourism forum

    W: www.irresponsibletourism.info/forum/

    Irresponsible Tourism is a forum designed to give anyone an opportunity to blow the whistle on practices in the travel and tourism industry which they think are irresponsible, and to discuss them with others.

  • responsibility.org.uk

    W: www.responsibility.org.uk

    While not solely confined to responsible tourism this site discusses the concept of responsibility which will be of interest to those who wish to learn more about responsible tourism.

  • the future of tourism

    W: www.futureoftourism.com/

    The future of tourism is a project from responsibletravel.com with media partner Geographical to debate the future development of tourism.