Irish Responsible Tourism Conferences

The 3rd Irish Responsible Tourism Conference & Awards took place on 6th October 2016 - more details under IRTC16.

One of the aims of the Irish Centre for Responsible Tourism is to raise awareness of responsible tourism & to celebrate the people, places, attractions and activities that make Ireland a better to live in and to visit.

We decided the best way to encourage this was to establish an annual conference - the first of these took place in Dublin in March 2014. Our second took place on the 11th March 2015 and was also 9th in the international Responsible Tourism in Destinations conference series (RTD9).

Details of previous conferences including agenda, speaker profiles, attendee list and speaker powerpoints can be found under the tab for each conference.

We would like to thank Failte Ireland for their ongoing and generous support for our conferences.

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  • RTD8

    The 8th International conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations came to England for the first time on the 3-5th April 2014.

    This stimulating and inspiring conference saw a wide range of speakers from many different countries talking about their experiences and ideas for using tourism to make better places. The conference didn't avoid difficult issues with debates around climate change, child protection, social inclusion and labour laws.

    A summary report of this conference has been produced by Blue & Green Tomorrow and is available here.
    Also both days of the conference are now available on video:
    Day 1 morning session here. Day 1 afternoon session here. Day 2 morning session here. Day 2 afternoon session here. Harold Goodwin's inaugural lecture as Professor of Responsible Tourism at MMU, which took place on the evening of day 1, here.


    (i)   Agreeing what the problem is.

    (ii)  Securing consensus about the solution..

    (iii) Achieving action and reporting progress.

    If you have a specific query about the international conferences or publications contact    Harold Goodwin

    Previous International Conferences on Responsible Tourism in Destinations have been held in Cape Town, Kerala, Belize, Oman, Alberta, Sao Paulo and Barcelona  link

  • RTD7

    RTD7 took place in Barcelona from 1st to 4th October 2013. More details of the programme can be found here

  • RTD6

    RTD6 took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2012. Details of the conference can be found here

  • RTD5

    RTD5 took place in Edmonton , Canada in 2011. Details of RTD5 can be found here

  • RTD4

    RTD4 took place in Oman in 2010. Details on RTD4 can be found here

  • RTD3

    RTD3 took place in Belize in 2009. Details on the conference declaration can be found here

  • RTD2

    RTD 2 took place in Kerala, India in 2008. Details on RTD2 can be found here

  • RTD1

    The first Responsible Tourism in Destinations Conference took place in Cape Town in 2002. This conference produced the Cape Town Decleration on Responsible Tourism, extracts of which are used to provide a base definition for Responsible Tourism. The full declaration can be found here