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  • South African National Minimum Standard for Responsible Tourism


    The National Minimum Standard is based on the three cornerstones of sustainable tourism (social-cultural, environmental, and economic responsibility) and has 41 criteria under 4 main categories. These categories are Sustainable Operations and Management; Social and Cultural; Economic Criteria, and Environmental Criteria. The criteria deal with the following issues:

    • Sustainable Operations and Management: organisational policies, procedures and systems; staff training; transparent and accurate marketing; visitor feedback and accessibility.
    • Social and Cultural: protection and showcasing of local heritage and culture; benefits to local people; engagement with local people; and visitor codes.
    • Economic: local and fair trade buying, local employment, labour practices, skills development and local business support.
    • Environmental: biodiversity conservation, energy consumption; water use, waste management; pollution management and visitor information.

    The National Minimum Standard for Responsible Tourism was published as a South African National Standard (SANS) by the South African Bureau of Standards(SABS) on 31 March 2011 under the official name 'SANS 1162:2011 Responsible Tourism - Requirements.'