This section will soon include information on best practice for the development of tourism in destinations examining a range of approaches worldwide.

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  • Cape Town

    Synonomous with the defining statement of responsible tourism, the Cape Town Declaration, the city of Capetown in South Africa is a leader in this area. Capetown won 'Best Destination' in the 2009 Responsible Tourism Awards and by taking a look at what they have achieved on their website it is easy to see why ( )

    The City of Cape Town and leading tourism associations have signed an RT Charter, adopted RT policies for their organisations and have submitted RT Implementation Plans (RTIPs) committing to specific targets and deadlines. Other organisations are invited to get involved as well, and workshops have been held to help local industry businesses and others to do just this.

    The City is generous with information as well - their website contains a range of downloads including a brochure on RT in Capetown

    The City of Cape Town has worked with the local tourism industry to develop a Responsible Tourism in Cape Town How-To Guide. It shares information on how the tourism industry can take action to make our City and its tourism facilities, services and products more responsible, while also helping ensure that our tourism sector keeps pace with international trends towards responsible business practice. The How-To Guide is available here


    Heres an article on Capetown on the website:

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  • Keep It Real in Destinations

    The Keep It Real in Destinations toolkit has been designed to help tourism businesses sell sustainability as part of their unique offer. It is designed for those businesses who have already taken action to be more sustainable and want to maximise the marketing opportunities that may exist. Produced by England's regional tourism bodies in association with Visit England and written by the International Centre for Responsible Tourism, it is packed with case studies from around the UK. Use it to make sustainability part of your sales proposition.

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  • Sharing Our Stories: Heritage Interpretation

    Failte Ireland's 'Sharing Our Stories: A Heritage Interpretation Manual' can be found here.

  • Maximising Historic Town Potential

    'Historic Town's in Ireland: Maximising your Tourism Potential' can be found here.

  • Climate Change Heritage & Tourism

    Climate Change, Heritage & Tourism - Implication for Ireland's Coast and Inland Waterways can be found here.

  • Feasibility to Identify Scenic Landscapes in Ireland

    This document can be found here.