About the ICRT

The Irish Centre for Responsible Tourism builds on the reputation and accomplishments of the ICRT Global Network, developing and promoting the concept of responsible tourism in Ireland.

What We Do

The aim of the Irish Centre for Responsible Tourism is to promote the principles and practices of responsible tourism through the following:

  • Lobby for the integration of responsible tourism into the policies, operations and activities of public institutions and tourism businesses.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of responsible tourism for tourists, local communities, businesses and policy-makers in Ireland.
  • Undertake research and technical advisory services to drive the implementation of responsible tourism.
  • Facilitating networking between the public and private sectors in the promotion of responsible tourism development through seminars and workshops.

Who we are?


James Chilton is a Dublin based tourism planner specialising in rural tourism, trail development, destination development and strategic planning.

James is a Chartered Town Planner with an MSc in Tourism, Conservation and Sustainable Development (ICRT). James has provided advice in relation to planning and responsible tourism to Failte Ireland and works with a wide variety of other tourism, planning consultancies as well as local communities, local authorities, visitor attractions and destination management agencies.

To see a CV for James go here.

To contact James Chilton, please email: james@rethinktourism.ie 


Harold co-chaired the Cape Town Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations in 2002 and drafted the Declaration.

Harold is Advisor to the World Travel Market on their World Responsible Tourism Day and works with companies and trade associations in the UK to develop policies and deliver change.

In 2001, he co-founded ResponsibleTravel.com although he is now no longer involved. He has worked with the industry, local and national government and communities in South Africa, The Gambia, Bhutan and Rwanda to develop and implement responsible tourism policies. He has co-chaired each of the Responsible Tourism in Destinations conferences that have been held annually around the world since 2007, with last held in Manchester in 2014. Harold has been a key driver of the World Responsible Tourism Awards and the associated programme of seminars at London's World Travel Market over the last decade.

For those who wish to read a comprehensive review of Responsible Tourism, Harold wrote the recently published book 'Taking Responsibility for Tourism'. More information about Harold and this book, can be found at www.haroldgoodwin.info